Finding out that you are expecting twins, triplets or more can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. TAMBA is the national twins and multiple births association.  They run one day antenatal courses specially for parents expecting more than one baby.  The nearest courses to us are in Altrincham, but it may be something that you feel is worth travelling for.  Whether or not you wish to travel to their antenatal courses, their website hosts a range of resources that you may find useful.

If you are expecting twins or more, what you’ll really benefit from is chatting with other parents of multiples.  There is a twins and multiples group that meets fortnightly in Lancaster and in Kendal.  You’d be very welcome to go along there whilst pregnant and meet with parents who have already been through it.   Join the Lune Valley Twins and Triplets facebook group or South Lakes Twins+ for info on venue and dates.