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All classes are free. Most are drop-in, but you do need to book in for infant massage. There is a sensory room available to use free of charge at Poulton Neighbourhood Centre – contact them to book it.


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Class descriptions:

Infant Massage – birth to crawling

The sessions will: 

• Help you to feel the relaxing effect of giving your baby a massage 

• Strengthen the bonding process 

• Build your confidence in handling your baby.

• Supporting your baby’s development in helping their physical needs if there is any tummy trouble, problems with bowel movement or trapped wind. 

• Provide information about brain development, digestion, and nurturing relationships.

Baby and You 

The sessions will: 

• Provide information about your child’s ages and stages of development, particularly the growing brain and your crucial role in supporting this. 

• Provide you with opportunities to play together and encourage positive play and interaction between you and your baby. 


• Help you with any issues around bonding, connection & communication between you and your baby.

• Bring you together with other parents to prevent you from feeling socially isolated which is often a reality for new parents.

Development Matters

The sessions provide: 

• Stimulating and challenging activities across all ages from 0-5yrs based on child-initiated play both indoors and guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters. 

• Information about how to support your child’s learning and development through songs and play.

• Opportunities for physical play in a safe environment. 

• A safe and secure environment for your child to develop their confidence, social and emotional skills and make friends.

• The chance to meet with other families and make new relationships.

Chat, Play and Read

The sessions will: 

• Provide opportunities to read and share books together, exploring the fun, rhythms and excitement of words and stories. 

• Support your child’s listening skills by reading aloud to them and support you to do the same. 

• Encourage children to use language in their play, describing, predicating, sharing ideas, and explaining.

• Support you as a parent with ideas of how you can support your child’s speech and language development.

• Help children make sense of the world around them.

Move and Groove

We will provide a safe, sensitive, and nurturing space for children to meet and have fun together, promoting physical play and activity. We will provide information on their growing body and how to adopt healthy lifestyles including healthy eating. In the sessions children will be able to: 

• Build their confidence to take part in physical play and exercise.

 • Get information to understand how diet and exercise effect their growing bodies 

• Build their social skills, have fun together and make new friends.

 • Think about adopting healthy lifestyles, balancing activity time with screen time.

We have two groups.

Mini Move and Groove for 2 to 5 years

Move and Groove for ages 5 to 8 years

Warm Welcome

A warm and friendly space for people to connect with others within the community and receive information and advice if needed. Free hot drinks and snacks provided and toys available to keep your little ones entertained too.

Back To Me

This is a three-week course which allows you to focus on yourself, improves your wellbeing, and develop strategies to help you feel more confident to deal with life stressors.

Centre Details:

Lune Park Neighbourhood Centre

Ryelands Park
Owen Road

Poulton Neighbourhood Centre

The Old Fire Station
Clark Street

There is a Sensory Room available to use free of charge at Poulton Neighbourhood Centre.
Use of the Sensory Room is subjected to availability.  

Westgate Neighbourhood Centre

Langridge Way

Carnforth Neighbourhood Centre

Kellet Road

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