Please phone 07811714714 between 8am and 8.45am on the day of the clinic to book your appointment!

As our children learn to speak, we may have all sorts of queries and concerns about whether their development is normal.  Are they speaking less than other children their age? Do they have issues with hearing?  Speech and Language therapists run drop-in sessions across the area.  These sessions are not a full assessment and if you feel that your child has significant needs, then a referral to a speech and language therapist would be more appropriate. 

Drop-in sessions are open to anyone with concerns about how their child’s communication is developing, and as such, the sessions are in high demand. You need to make an on the day bookable appointment. Appointments are for you and your child and are only 10-15 minutes. There are only a few appointments each day so you may need to ring back on another drop-in day.

Children must be accompanied by a parent, or a person with parental responsibility.  If you are attending because your health visitor or nursery has raised concerns about your child’s speech, then please make sure you bring the referral form with you.  However, if you are attending due to a concern that you have yourself, the referral form can be filled in when you attend.

2022 dates – appointments are all in the morning

Ryelands House, Owen Rd
Wed 16th March
Friday 1st April
Monday 4th April
Wed 20th April
Queen Victoria Centre, Thornton Rd
Thurs 24th March
Thurs 28th April

from May 2022, drop-in SLT sessions will be temporarily suspended whilst there is a SLT service redesign. If you have a concern that you need to see someone about, then please ask health visitor, nursery to complete a referral and get you on the waiting list for an assessment.