Many of these usually cost money but have been made free to support families during this time:

Phonicsplay – if you have KS1 children, they’re probably already familiar with this website.
username: march20
password: home

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NASA have just made their entire library of images and videos free.

World Book Online has made their entire collection of ebooks and audiobooks free – plenty there for children of any age.

PE – Joe Wicks, The Body Coach will be running PE lessons for all every Monday to Friday at 9am on his youtube channel, starting on Monday 23rd March.

Twinkl is a huge resource of educational worksheets for all ages and at the moment they’re letting people have premium membership for free. In addition to having access to the whole site, they’re putting together resource packs for each year group from reception, right through to year 11.

Teach your monster to read is an online game and app that complements all the synthetic phonics teaching in schools.

Free printable worksheets and activities at orchard toys.

Find out what is on locally in our ‘what is runing during the covid-19 social distancing‘ post

see your favourite local activities online

Virtual Tours

A teacher pack of worksheets and videos for a series of lessons on a Roman Fort

virtual tours of 12 museums from around the world.

view the art from 500 art galleries

a free online course exploring ancient Rome, its history, and virtual tour of it.

virtual tours of zoos, national parks and more, many with worksheets and games attached.

go underwater at Georgia Aquarium

Road Trips from Home: Virtual Field Trips has links to many natural wonders along with zoos, pyramids and much more.