Sling School is the sister company of our local sling library, Morecambe Bay Slings, and we sell great value, great quality stretchy wraps (just like the ones that you can hire from MBS).  We also run courses for parents and expectant parents who want to learn how to use a sling with a newborn and have a bump2baby consultation and sling package.

The stretchy wrap fabric that we use is thin yet supportive, its cotton softness perfect for wearing against even the most sensitive skin.  The 2-way stretch makes it easy to get a great fit for you and your baby every time.  (Not all brands of stretchy wraps have a 2 way-stretch, it makes a huge difference to the feel).  Sling School stretchy wraps come in 2 lengths. The 5m is a similar size to other brands, but our 4m is especially popular. The 4m wrap is wonderful for either petite parents who could feel like they are drowning in material with a standard one, or for parents who simply feel overwhelmed at the sight of a 5m wrap.  Our 4m wrap can be worn by anyone, simply tie it at your back rather than your front if you’re not petite. Prices range from £25-£29.

When buying wraps from Sling School, you can either pay for delivery, arrange a local pickup from Lancaster, or arrange to collect from a sling library session at the Cornerstone Cafe (must be ordered and arranged in advance as stock is not held there).

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