Pebble On The Beach

Dates: Saturday 29th January 2022, shows at 11am and 2pm
Venue: The Dukes, Lancaster
Price: £8
Buy Tickets:
Phone:  01524 598500

Welcome to Sandyway Bay! 

Everyone’s welcome on Al’s beach. He rents deck chairs, sells beach toys and generally keeps things ship shape. Samantha has decided to have a day at the seaside. She is shy, reserved and cautious.  Pebble is Samantha’s best friend. 

When Al lets curiosity get the better of him, Pebble goes missing. But in looking for her much-loved friend, Samantha comes out of her shell and discovers the freedom to be herself.

Featuring a lively mix of dancing, singing and puppetry, Pebble on the Beach will magically transport you to a day at the seaside – a beach hut filled with treasures, sandcastles, seagulls and the waves lapping on the shore – to tell a heart-warming tale that helps us all feel safe in the world and know that we matter. 

“I wish this day would never end, I hope you’ll always be my friend”

Perfect” Belfield Primary School“The excellent M6” Lyn Gardner

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