Pregnancy is a special time, but as lovely as seeing the changes in your body taking place as your baby grows, it can bring about many aches and pains. Pregnancy massage can help to alleviate these. Together with promoting a feeling of wellbeing, massage improves circulation and blood flow. It helps to relieve physical and mental fatigue and general discomfort, enhancing muscle and joint function. Regular massage throughout pregnancy can prepare you for labour. All these benefits are passed onto your growing baby. When mum is feeling happy, content, relaxed and in a good state of wellbeing, so is baby. Massage should be avoided during the First Trimester.

Wendy Butler at Escape and Rebalance, Overton
Tel: 07791177553

Nicola Garrett at Exhale, Lancaster.
In addition to pregnancy massage, Nicola also does fertility massage for women trying to conceive, and post-natal massage.
Tel: 07872 517336

Ceri Turner at Holistyx, Lancaster
Ceri offers pregnancy and post-natal massage and you generally need to book at least 5 weeks ahead.
Tel: 07888 692803

Aimee Wilkinson at Massage with Aimee, Halton
Tel: 07932325155