I love treating babies, especially newborns using craniosacral therapy. They are so responsive to treatment. I have treated birth trauma which includes c-section and breach (baby doesn’t get that beneficial massage passing down the birth canal). I treat tongue tie, colic, unsettled babies and have also treated young children with stress and anxiety among other conditions.

My baby has been amazing since you helped us! No more back arching and screaming all day!


I take a telephone case history with little ones up to 3/4 years of age – sometimes beyond. That way, when mum and baby come in the craniosacral therapy treatment starts immediately and there’s time to give mum a balance treatment too. This happens in the first treatment session which is one hour. Subsequent treatments are half an hour (and cost less).

When treating toddlers and children I’m aware of giving them time to build rapport and trust me and I often being by sitting on the floor, being with them in their world. I may continue the craniosacral therapy treatment on the floor or transfer them to the couch. I also treat mums and dads. Along with the joy of a new little person in the family there is sometimes stress and anxiety.

I recommend, as part of a health maintenance programme, that your little one have treatment after vaccination, injury, illness or extreme stress. If parents are stressed, the children are stressed, so take care of yourselves too.

Ring or text me if you have any questions.
Trish Spence

Cost: first session £50, subsequent sessions £30
Venues: I provide treatments at Sue Shields Spa in Carnforth, Dacrelands Clinic in Lancaster, and Wytch Way in Lancaster.
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Email: admin@HandfulOfCherries.com
Phone: 07930 531588