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Slings and Baby Carriers

It is becoming more and more common to see parents using slings.  They're so convenient - you can give your baby the cuddles that they desire, whilst having both your hands free to do whatever else you want, plus it's so easy to get around - small shops, cobbled roads, steps, walks in the countryside, are not an issue.  If you'd like to use a sling, it makes a real difference to spend some time finding out what sort of sling would work best for you and get some help with how to use it too, there are lots of videos available on youtube, but nothing quite matches up to getting 1:1 support from a person you can talk to.


Koala Slings

Koala Slings are your baby carrying experts! Based in Kendal, Koala Slings retails the North West's biggest range of safe and comfortable baby carriers and slings, and we specialise in twin carriers. Carrying your baby or toddler gives you your hands-free to get things done, and it's a wonderful way to bond with your child. Safe and comfortable in a carrier, studies show that carried babies tend to cry less, and suffer less from reflux or digestion problems. Carried babies get a great view of the world, and learn loads from your eye level.

Carissa started Koala Slings as a way to share her love of the practical and emotional benefits of slings. Carissa is a trained Slingababy consultant, offering expert advice on all the slings and carriers that Koala Slings stocks, and can help you if you have twins or multiples too. Koala Slings offers workshops and one-to-one sessions for hands-on practice and help with learning to use different types of slings, and different stages of your parenting journey. Koala Slings also supports and runs the Lake District Sling Library.

Website: www.koalaslings.co.uk
Facebook: https://facebook.com/KoalaSlings
Email: hello@koalaslings.co.uk
Tel: 0791 753 2757