Monday afternoon care homes

Time: 1.45pm
Venues: Laurel Bank Care Home, Lancaster, LA1 5EF
AND Hillcroft Care Home, Carnforth,  LA5 9LX

there is generally 1 class a month at each of these homes, check for dates.

Friday - parent and baby Lancaster

Time: 11.00am-12.00pm
Venue: Laura Sandham School of Dance, The Storey, LA1 1TH
Weekly classes.  Block bookings have flexible dates that you choose, and need not be consecutive.

Saturday - monthly family class at the WOW centre, White Cross, Lancaster

Time: 10.30-11.30am
Venue: Baby Sensory Wow Centre, Harper's Mill, White Cross
Once a month, we run a Saturday family class where you can buy solo or family tickets and enjoy a class with your loved ones on the weekend.

Sling Swing is a fun and funky dancing and gentle movement classes for mums and dads with their little ones in slings and baby carriers.  It’s full of giggles, precious moments, sleepy cuddles, fascination and great bonding moments. Classes are suitable from 6 weeks post-partum (later if you’ve had a c-section) and the moves are all low-impact and respectful of both the fact that your body is different following pregnancy, and of the fact that you are carrying your precious baby.
All moves in sling swing classes are suitable pre- and post-natally. 

Benefits for parent: spend quality time bonding with your baby; build intimacy and trust with your baby; have fun; improves your mood and increases energy levels; improves your posture and self-awareness; helps you feel confident; get active whilst you have your baby with you.

Benefits for baby/infant: builds intimacy and trust with parent; introduces music, movement and dance; develops musical appreciation and a good sense of rhythm; stimulates your baby’s mind; your baby will love watching the others around them.

Don’t be put off if you’ve never used a sling before – I bring slings for you to borrow in class and can fit one to you and your baby safely and comfortably.  2 left feet are welcome – come and join the fun.

In addition to standard weekly parent and baby classes, there are also regular intergenerational classes in care homes, bringing joy as we mix with the residents. And for anyone who would like to involve their partner, sibling, grandparent with a class, we have a monthly sling swing family class.

Cost: mini taster term of 3 classes for £15 (using code MINI), then £5.50 per class for block booking (you choose your dates, not a fixed term)
Facebook: slingswinglancaster/
See all class times and book classes on Bookwhen