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“We started going to Pyjama Drama on a 3 class trial, and loved it straight away. I can’t think of any other session for young children that is literally all in their imaginations. A room with no piles of toys and props is really refreshing..and simply using your child’s amazing mind with the fabulous Ali to guide, entertain and prompt them is brilliant!! My son’s imagination instantly developed more, he got more confident each time, and we now love imaginary games at home too.
It’s a really unique and fun class, and as my 3 year old says “I love Pyjama Drama there are pirates and frogs!!””

A. Jenks


We all know that in order to connect with our kids, we need to enter their world.  Pyjama Drama classes are here to help with exactly that.  With no props or costumes, we explore an imaginary world with the children and hang out with them in all places that they already visit in their imaginations.  So we might be visiting monkeys in the jungle, or a gnome in the garden, or firefighters at the Fire Station.  In this world, they will practice being brave in a safe imaginative space and then even become braver in real life!  Couldn’t we all do with a weekly injection of confidence? They’ll learn skills of co-operation and co-ordination. We even cover every area of the EYFS. We don’t even expect adults to join in if you don’t want to (although we love it when you do!). And you don’t have to come up with ideas for imaginative play, you just use our different ideas every week at home.  We’ve got 400 different scripts, so you’re guaranteed a different script every week.  Ali has been a childminder for 8 years before she began Pyjama Drama, so she’s super relaxed about toddler behaviour.  She’s genuinely seen it all!

Class info

day and time: Tuesdays 10.00-10.40am
venue: The Gregson Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 3PY
cost: £7 for a single class, £18 for a 3-week trial, £36 for the half-term
age: 2-4 years
contact: Ali on 01524 884101 or ali@pyjamadrama.com
website: www.pyjamadrama.com/uk/
bookings: www.pyjamadrama.com/uk/classes/

In addition to weekly classes, Pyjama Drama runs regular interactive performances for 3-7 year olds.

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