Are your kids fascinated by the properties of slime.  Manal Faisal is a schoolgirl who absolutely loves slime and making slime and has set up her own small business.  She’s been through the whole experimentation stage with her ingredients and has come up with a handmade product with absolutely fantastic stretchy qualities and beautiful scents.  Tubs of slime can be made to your requirements, with a range of colours and scents to choose from.  All tubs come complete with activator, information about how to keep your slime in good condition, and health and safety instructions.  Perfect to use in or instead of party bags and can be made to the theme of your party, even to extent of having lego hidden inside. For large orders we would need at least 1 week’s notice.

If you’d like your party to be even more slime-filled, then you can also book Manalz Slime to come and run a slime party with you (either in your home for small numbers of children, or we can hire a suitable hall for larger parties)  Slime parties would be to your requirements and planned together, but often include a slime workshop where everyone gets a chance to make some slime, and tutorials on how to do bubbles etc with slime, along with party games involving slime.  Please do not be put off by her age, Manal is passionate, hardworking, determined, and fully supported by her parents in this venture.  She has already run several parties/workshops.  (parties only for children aged 4+)
Please check out the Manalz slime facebook page or follow us on instagram to see lots of videos of the product in action.
Contact us through our social media pages with queries or to buy, or phone 07930 449544