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Pamper Parties / Pregnancy Massage

Pamper Parties

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Aloe Mummy
Rachel lives in Heysham,and runs a home based business based around the magic plant “Aloe Vera”.
To find out more about the products, fill the contact form in through my website at http://www.aloemummy.com/contact I can discuss your skin, health, weight & supplement needs.

As well as offering pregnancy experience packs, I offer free pamper parties which would be a real treat to have whilst pregnant and I can bring a bottle of something special for you and your guests. There’s no hard sell and no obligation to buy the products.. I can also send you a free sample pack of products to trial. 

Get in touch today for a free 30 minute consultation, or to receive more information on how you can get your hands on your business in a box and work with Rachel.
Please visit our website www.aloemummy.com or
email alo3mummy@gmail.com if you have any queries!
Facebook: www.facebook/HolmeRachel
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aloemummy
Twitter: @HolmeForever
Linked in: www.linkedin.com/in/rachelholme

Pregnancy Massage

The following spas/practitioners all do pregnancy massage, amongst a range of other relaxing and healing treatments.  People who offer pregnancy massage as a service either have a special pregnancy massage bed, or are well practised in arranging cushions to keep you comfortable during the massage no matter how large your baby bump has grown.

All About Eve Lancaster
Caroline Morris

tel: 07810 891870

Bev Modley Spa
Hest Bank
01524 822820

Julia Russell
tel: 07956 422161 or 01524 33389