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Exercise during and after pregnancy

It's important to stay fit and healthy during and after your pregnancy but you need to find the right exercise for you. Below are a few examples of local exercise groups. You might find it easier to exercise in a group rather than at home as being with other people can help to motivate you and you can have a laugh with the other mums/mums-to-be along the way.

Empower Mums
Pregnancy & Post-Natal Exercise Specialists 
** Online programs coming soon**

Mummy2Be courses are pregnancy specific group movement & exercise sessions tailored to your developing body from 12weeks through until you give birth.  Great way to meet other Mummy’s whilst we:

•    Help you strengthen your body for labour and life as a Mummy
•    Co-ordinate your core systems and pelvic floor function to create the optimal environment for a natural birth and recovery afterward
•    Give you strategies to prevent, or combat, common aches often associated with pregnancy (such as Pelvic Girdle Pain - PGP, sciatic pain, back ache, diastasis abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction, gestational diabetes, etc)
•    Improve your cardio vascular fitness for labour and the demands of pregnancy
•    Increase your ability to relax through breath work
•    Learn our specialist labour-specific birth routine from 35weeks
•    Boost your energy and endorphins throughout pregnancy to help you feel great!
•    Encourage healthy habits benefitting you and your baby long-term

We also offer Personal Training to help you safely and effectively train with the desired intensity whilst optimizing your developing pregnant body, or for complaints requiring individual attention to benefit most.   

Check out our 4th Trimester Program for after the birth too!   

Contact: gabicrossley@gmail.com or find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/empowermumsuk


Sling Swing
- weekly classes in Lancaster and Carnforth
Sling Swing is a fun and funky dancing and gentle movement classes for mums and dads with their little ones in slings and baby carriers. It is also suitable as prenatal exercise, so no need to wait until baby arrives.
Benefits for parent: spend quality time bonding with our baby; build intimacy and trust with your baby; have fun; improves your mood and increases energy levels; improves your posture and self-awareness; helps you feel confident.
Benefits for baby/infant: builds intimacy and trust with parent; introduces music, movement and dance; defelops musical appreciation and a good sense of rhythm; stimulates your baby's mind; your baby will love watching the others around them.
Don't be put off if you've never used a sling before - I bring slings for you to borrow in class and can fit one to you and your baby safely and comfortably.  All moves are suitable pre- and post-natally.  Babies must be at least 6 weeks old (or 12 weeks if you had a c-section). 2 left feet are welcome - come and join the fun.
web: http://www.slingswing.co.uk/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slingswinglancasterandsouthlakes/
email: abidoughty@slingswing.co.uk
Book a taster class for £6 before committing to a block of 6 (to be used over 8 weeks) for £36.

Antenatal exercise and birthing positions  (part of the Parent Education programme)

Classes are designed for pregnant women so expect gentle stretching rather than a full-on workout. This type of exercise can help to keep you supple throughout your pregnancy.
Molly's little Minnows
Aquanatal classes every Tuesday evening at Ripley St Thomas, Lancaster.
Web: www.mollyslittleminnows.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mollyslittleminnows.co.uk/
Email: mollyslittleminnows@hotmail.com
Tel. 07904 835252

There is also an aquanatal class every Thursday evening at Salt Ayre, run by a midwife. 
For full details, of local antenatal classes, click through to the antenatal classes section.


Yummy Tummies 4 Mummies
tel: 015395 64727


If you're joining a gym then be sure to tell them at your induction that you've recently had a baby and they should tailor your workout accordingly.

Don't fancy a class or being a gym bunny? Then just taking your baby for regular walks will provide you with plenty of exercise (not to mention fresh air!)