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 Health / Pre-natal exercise / Exercise with a baby / Relaxation

If you are suffering physically during pregnancy, then your gp can refer you for physio and you may be given a support belt.  Other options are also available locally.  Some physical therapists may also specialize in working with scar tissue, which could be helpful later on if you had a c-section.  Everyone listed below works with ladies to help with symptoms that are caused by pregnancy.

Amy Beeton - Osteopath
01539 583629

Ralph Sutton - Osteopath
015395 65777

Hannah Gordon - Osteopath

Mary Rowlinson - Physiotherapist
Kendal Physio Centre
01539 725220


 Pre-Natal Exercise

Even if you didn't exercise before you became pregnant you might want to try some simple stretches. Just a few pelvic floor exercises a day can make a difference when it comes to giving birth and getting back into shape afterwards. 

Here are a few ideas:

Kendal Leisure Centre, Burton Rd, Kendal, LA9 7HX
Tel: 01539 729777

Mondays 9-9:45am

Exercise in water is a fun way to stay active and fit during pregnancy.

  • It's lots of fun!
  • Midwife instructors
  • Meet other mums to be
  • Tone your body
  • It's only the price of a swim - curently £4.20
  • You don't need to book, just turn up
  • Can attend from 16 weeks pregnant

Contact Helme Chase Maternity Unit for more information
Tel: 01539 795375

Yoga in Pregnancy
Lakes Leisure, Burton Rd, Kendal, LA9 7HX
Tel: 01539 729777

Yoga course specially designed for pregnancy and led by a qualified instructor. Includes simple postures, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Phone for details of forthcoming courses. 

Post-natal exercise

For us non-celebrity mums it takes a while to get back into shape after giving birth. We're too busy being a mum to join a boot camp and if you were a member of a gym, that probably all goes to pot now you have a baby to look after and don't get time alone.

There are a range of classes available where you can take your baby with you and do some gentle exercise:


Sling Swing - weekend family sessions, intergenerational sessions in care homes, and standard parent/baby sessions

Sling Swing is a fun and funky dancing and gentle movement classes for mums and dads with their little ones in slings and baby carriers. 
Benefits for parent: spend quality time bonding with our baby; build intimacy and trust with your baby; have fun; improves your mood and increases energy levels; improves your posture and self-awareness; helps you feel confident.
Benefits for baby/infant: builds intimacy and trust with parent; introduces music, movement and dance; defelops musical appreciation and a good sense of rhythm; stimulates your baby's mind; your baby will love watching the others around them.
Don't be put off if you've never used a sling before - I bring slings for you to borrow in class and can fit one to you and your baby safely and comfortably.  All moves are suitable pre- and post-natally.  Babies must be at least 6 weeks old (or 12 weeks if you had a c-section). 2 left feet are welcome - come and join the fun.

web: http://www.slingswing.co.uk/
see all times and locations: bookwhen.com/slingswinglancaster
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slingswinglancaster
email: abidoughty@slingswing.co.uk

Mum's CORE Fitness
tel: 07835 228165

Yummy Tummies 4 Mummies
tel: 015395 64727


If you're joining a gym then be sure to tell them at your induction that you've recently had a baby and they should tailor your workout accordingly.

Don't fancy a class or being a gym bunny? Then just taking your baby for regular walks will provide you with plenty of exercise (not to mention fresh air!)


Take some 'me time' before your baby arrives. Why not treat yourself to a massage or beauty treatment specifically tailored to pregnancy?

If you're a new mum then there are special treatments designed for you too! 


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