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Things to do with your Toddler

Young Girl reading a bookThere are plenty of activities you can do with your toddler at home but nothing beats getting out and about and you'll find that the Lancaster and Morecambe area has much to offer in the way of family fun. Here are a few ideas that cost very little but will definitely keep your child entertained:

A trip to your local library might prove to be a real winner with your child, whatever their age. Kids like to feel independent so arm them with their own library card and let them choose some books to take home with them. Many libraries also have a storytime session during the week for under 5's. Contact your local library for more details or see our
Toddler Groups page

A Trip to the Seaside
You can't talk about things to do in the Lancaster and Morecambe area without mentioning the seaside! We're lucky enough to have a beautiful and accessible coastline which is ideal for families to enjoy. And a trip to the seaside doesn't have to involve spending lots of money. Children are happy enough if they are given an interesting task to do. So teach them to skim pebbles into the sea, have them collect sea-shells to take home, fly a kite, make a sandcastle or just let them loose on the sand to run around. Just an hour or so on the beach should result in a tired but contented child. If it's cold out then make sure they're well wrapped up and maybe take a thermos of hot chocolate with you.

craft imagePut together a craft box
I use my daughter's old baby box. Keep all your craft items in one place (pens, paints, stickers, cardboard, bright sweet wrappers, coloured paper, old birthday/Christmas cards, glitter glue etc) Give the kid's an objective - create a birthday or Christmas card, make a robot or paint a picture of their favourite animal. They're less likely to get bored if they have a task to do.

Create your own colouring book
Just go to the Cbeebies website (
www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/) where you can print off pictures of your child's favourite characters from programmes like Balamory and Postman Pat. The site also has games to play and things to make and do.

Even young children enjoy getting involved. Start with the basics such as rice crispie or cornflake cakes which don't involve any cooking. Move on to gingerbread men or fairy cakes and encourage children to decorate them with icing, raisins, sprinkles etc If you don't have any recipes then try your local library or search for a recipe on-line (try