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Local baby groups

Why not go along to one of the many Baby groups in the Lancaster and Morecambe area. You are bound to find one that suits you. Dads are always welcome. Just click on the relevant day to see a complete list of baby and toddler groups, or see below for featured classes or to find out what's on in neighbourhood centres:






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Featured classes:

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Baby Sensory – weekly classes in Arkholme, Lancaster, Morecambe and Garstang
Baby Sensory is a magical world filled with light shows, music, bubbles, bells, songs, rainbows, puppets and tickly feathers.  Our multi award winning, carefully structured sessions provide ideas for play, exercise, massage and communication techniques taught in simple practical ways that can be easily repeated at home.
Every activity is carefully designed with your baby’s development in mind, based on years of educational and scientific research, and we love sharing this information with you – explaining what we are doing and why, as we know that giving you this knowledge is one of the best ways of enhancing your baby’s precious first years of life.
Over the weeks’ you’ll learn how music will help your baby’s maths, the importance of tummy time, how sight develops and much more.  You’re welcome to join us whenever you want – but we’d suggest the earlier the better.  Soon after birth your baby’s brain creates an astonishing two million new connections every second and is incredibly receptive to different sensations!
Our classes are a very social event where strong friendships are soon formed.  If you’re sitting next to a parent whose baby is just 2 days younger than yours, you’ll probably find you’ve got a lot in common.
Web: www.babysensory.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BabySensoryLancaster/
for classes in Barrow and Ulverston contact: southlakes@babysensory.co.uk and for all other classes contact lancaster@babysensory.co.uk

Sling Swing
- weekly classes in Lancaster
Sling Swing is a fun and funky dancing and gentle movement classes for mums and dads with their little ones in slings and baby carriers.  It's kind of like a gentle zumba class that you're doing with your baby, and is full of giggles, precious moments, sleepy cuddles, fascination and great bonding moments. 
Benefits for parent: spend quality time bonding with your baby; build intimacy and trust with your baby; have fun; improves your mood and increases energy levels; improves your posture and self-awareness; helps you feel confident; get active whilst you have your baby with you.
Benefits for baby/infant: builds intimacy and trust with parent; introduces music, movement and dance; defelops musical appreciation and a good sense of rhythm; stimulates your baby's mind; your baby will love watching the others around them.
Don't be put off if you've never used a sling before - I bring slings for you to borrow in class and can fit one to you and your baby safely and comfortably.  All moves are suitable pre- and post-natally.  Babies must be at least 6 weeks old (or 12 weeks if you had a c-section). 2 left feet are welcome - come and join the fun.
Cost: £7 PAYG, or £5.90 per class when booking at least 4, or use code 'TRYIT' to get a FREE taster class
Subsidised classes also take place in care homes, mixing with the residents and are just £2.50 a class
See all class times and book classes at

Empower Mums

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Exercise Specialists
** Online programs coming soon**

Progressive post-natal courses specific to your body after baby.  Incorporating years of specialist learning to optimize recovery - if you’ve had a baby, these courses are for you!
Our specialist programs, combined with your commitment, will help you:

4th Trimester –
•    Avoid or heal common post-natal complaints by strengthening from within e.g. diastasis, ‘poochy’ tummy, pelvic floor dysfunction, back/neck pain, sciatic pain, flat ‘Mummy bum’, etc
•    Reconnect with your body & have confidence in its natural abilities - appreciate it for growing & birthing a human!
•    Keep your body safe and strong by learning what the core system really is and WHY everyone should begin post-natal training this way

MumsBums&Tums –
•    Perform your daily Mummy tasks more easily & ache free
•    Boost your energy & mood
•    Progress holistically reducing your risk of injury when returning to more familiar intense exercise or sport (including but not limited to running, jumping, gym classes, sport or weights programs)

We also offer post-natal personal training & private appointments for complaints that are more sensitive and benefit from individual attention.
Why not check out our equipment kits to take home to compliment the 6week courses?
Set a great example for your children – remember; they will do as you do, not as you say!
Contact: gabicrossley@gmail.com or find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/empowermumsuk

What's on at the Neighbourhood Centres:

Active families - physically active sessions for the whole family
Baby massage - sensory experience and baby massage for parents and babies from birth until mobile.  Please bring a towel - booking is essential for this class in Westgate, Carnforth & Heysham and it is running in 6 week blocks.  At the other centres, you can just drop-in without booking.

Bounce and Rhyme - nursery rhymes, songs, puppets and stories
AOK - specialised stay and play peer support group for families with children with additional needs / disabilities and their siblings
Stay, play and learn - indoor and outdoor play and learning for parents and children aged 0-5

     picture showing timetable of baby massage classes picture showing session times for active families        picture showing session times for messy play

picture showing times for bounce and rhyme sessions picture showing times for stay play and learn sessions

 Remember that in addition to the times below for health visitor clinics, there health visitors run sessions in other locations too, and the complete list is here.

picture showing health visitor clinic times at childrens centres